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Legal Rental FormsHere at Legal Rental Forms we give you the ingredients to be successful in the real estate game! Our team and advisors have been managing and maintaining Hundreds of residential rental units for the past three decades. We have discovered through years of experience that a fantastic lease is the absolute best way to achieve success. It can be very overwhelming the first time you rent out an apartment or house to a tenant. Advertising, reviewing rental applications, credit checks and filling out the rental agreement can be very exhausting and confusing. We are here to help! Join us on the path to success and freedom with income producing residential real estate.

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We provide a comprehensive 16 page lease agreement form that can be used with each and every property you own.

Having the right forms is a Landlord’s best ally. It can mean the difference between losing nothing and losing thousands of dollars. is a company dedicated to helping people with renting and managing residential rental properties. Whether you are a seasoned investor with hundreds of properties or someone interested in renting out your home that just won’t sell, we can help. We know how hard it can be to find a comprehensive rental lease agreement that is both easy to understand and is powerful in protecting you and your assets. After years and years of learning and improving we have finally completed our crown jewel, The Ultimate lease.

Time is money. Spending less time dealing with problematic tenants is more money in your pocket.

Our commitment to you is to help you avoid the traps and pitfall of being a landlord and to help guide you along the way. When first starting out, it’s easy to find a cheap and simple lease and believe it will be just fine. Take it from us, problems always happen and when they do you will wish you had a better rental agreement form.